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Corporate Performance Management

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Corporate Performance Management (CPM) adds value to your Business by focusing on how an organization develops, implements and monitors achievement of strategic plans.


The best Business Performance can be reached by improving your Business Process at all levels. At one hand, success depends on a optimal information store (datawarehouse). At the other hand, your managers decision-making abilities are involved (strategic planning, budgetting & forecasting, consolidated planning). To link the facts (data) with your objectives (strategy) all your information has to be analysed and measured (data mining, analytics & reporting, balnces scorecards & dashboards). This will enable every employee to take better informed decisions and move to action quicker.


Our consulting offer

Project Overview

  • Set up Business Requirements & Analysis of impact

  • Cartography of Needs

  • Benchmark different Solutions in the Market

  • Choose the right Tool


Analysis of Financial Needs

  • Dimensional needs (CoA, entities, time, …)

  • Analysis and follow up of the processes

  • Implementation of management  and legal regulations

  • Implementation of Best Practices


Implementation and Integration

  • Common and detailed specifications

  • Set up model, parameters, testing and step analysis

  • Technical specifications & architecture

  • Take over historical data

  • Training & change management



  • Provide Monitoring Tools

  • Installation of technical environment

  • Go live

  • Support