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Strategic Planning

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Strategy is about knowing where your company is today, where you want to take it, and how you are going to get there.

Our consulting offer

Starting from the vision and strategy of your company, Business & Decision's consultants derive the critical success factors which should be followed up and on which action should be taken, as well as, the core processes which should be monitored. The modelling of the strategy (roadmapping) in "strategy maps" helps finding the intangible assets which are the drivers of succes.


Strategic planning in your company :

  • Involves every manager that will be responsible for the success of the plan, defining clear ownership and accountability 
  • Fosters a collaborative environment breeding higher quality budgets and forecasts that are consistent, accurate, and realistic 
  • Ensures the timeliness, accuracy and consistency of your plans, budgets and forecasts 
  • Provides clear communication of corporate strategies, goals and objectives that drive the top-down planning process 
  • Establishes key performance indicators and lets every manager track and measure performance against the plan 
  • Tells the story behind the numbers by linking unstructured data like Office documents and email to your budgets and forecasts 
  • Plans can be quickly and readily adjusted to meet changing business conditions 
  • Keeps your plans current and commitment alive by helping to foster an active planning culture 
  • Supports an automated re-forecasting process without time-consuming meetings and cumbersome interactions 
  • Provides easy and secure access to plan stakeholders directly over the Web - including Microsoft Excel