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Performance Measurement

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The development of performance measures plays an important role in formulating and clarifying plans and strategies and setting targets for employees, project teams and business units.

Our consulting offer

Collecting the right data, defining the right Key Performance Indicators(KPI's), defining and developing clear dashboards:


Dashboards present the status of your objectives with graphical indicators

Maintaining consistent views of the business throughout an organization can be a challenging task. But everyone needs information they can use to focus on accomplishing the same organizational goals. Dashboards provide relevant metrics, alerts, and monitoring tools to everyone in your company who needs to understand business activities.

Dashboards are no longer just for executives. Operations and business managers also need visibility into business activities in an easy-to-use interface. With so many users in an organization requiring an easy way to monitor performance, there is no better tool than a dashboard. It needs to be personalized for individual needs, and easy to deploy and maintain.


Balanced scorecards

Balanced scorecards present the status and evolution of your KPI  by using graphical indicators; they give the ability to drill down to BI reports.