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BI & Datawarehousing

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BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies are Data Warehousing, ETL, Reporting, OLAP, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarks, text mining, and predictive analytics. Business Intelligence aims to support better business decision-making. 


BI applications strongly rely on a solid underlying architecture that gathers data from a data warehouse or a data mart. BI makes use of an intelligence information system which data is supplied from different sources: production data, information concerning the company or its environment and economic data. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is therefore responsible for extracting data from different sources, cleaning them up and loading them into a data warehouse. Focus should be made on Data Quality. Finally the data needs to be easily accessible trough analytical reporting recommended using a unique Information Distribution Portal and therefore having a single point of data/truth. Use state-of-the-art business intelligence platforms to fully automate and integrate your corporate performance needs. These Business Intelligence infrastructures are used to access information in your data warehouse and legacy systems. Metadata is needed to have a correct overview and information on the data stored in the Data warehouse.

Lessons learned is that Business Intelligence leads to a dead end street unless it is based on a solid underlying architecture -> Build the Corporate Information Factory 


Our consulting offer

Setting up the BI Infrastructure

Recognized as a leader in Business Intelligence, Business & Decision assists its clients in setting up their system by offering, in addition to the best technology available, ideal knowledge of business processes allowing to propose solutions in line with the economic, political and commercial interests of a rapidly changing world.

This double competence of the Business & Decision team (technical and functional) is used to meet the demands of our customers in the development of tools and solutions driving the decisional performance.

Our solutions range from consulting to system integration decision-making through technical and functional expertise, streamlined BI infrastructure and hosting keeping the specific local aspects (ie language) of our customers..

We offer to accompany you in defining your BI strategy to help you to be more competitive in your domain by optimizing operational management of your business, providing your users with high decisional data

Our solutions use the best technologies on the market (ETL, Database, Reporting tool, OLAP engine) and our expertise enables us to offer our customers with innovative solutions:

  • Balance Scorecard
  • Budget and Planning
  • Reporting (Decisional and Operational)
  • Datawarehouse, Datamart
  • Datamining, statistics

Streamline the BI Infrastructure

Today, many decision-making systems due to their evolution over the years and with the consolidation of actors have become difficult to maintain.

Business & Decision propose to accompany clients in streamlining their existing BI systems by offering audit, selection tool allowing its customers to reposition the BI infrastructure at the heart of the information system.


BI tools

Business and Decision considers that defining a cohesive BI roadmap should not be considered as a vendor-driven exercice that companies just buy and implement.  Based on their current IT landscape, strategy, priorities and painpoints, many companies need to reinvent the way they approach and architect BI and performance management. They used to manage projects, now they need to manage initiatives: project portfolios rather than individual projects, and the whole lifecycle of each initiative, including continuous improvement and not only initial design

With platform consolidation, shared services and the right project delivery models, companies now get all the building blocks required to bring BI and performance management to a new level of maturity.