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“Capitalizing on CRM’s promises to improve your business” 

Customer Relationship Management: Building customer knowledge, value and loyalty. Business & Decision draws on its dual expertise on tools and business in the CRM field in order to help enterprises manage Customer data (Analytical CRM) and standardize the processes that use this data (Operational CRM).

  • Challenges : 

  • Unified customer view on all channels: prospects, customers and partners
  • Development of the customers portfolio value (products held, up-selling and cross-selling...)
  • End-to-end sales processes management (operations, quotations, order placement, contractualisation)
  • Improved communication and sales efficiency thanks to better targeted multi-channel marketing
  • Optimization of customer winover and management on a daily basis, and of customer retention
  • Overall improved service quality
  • Processes rationalization and fewer poor added value and time-consuming tasks
  • Supporting documents dematerialization
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Upstream identification of solution deployments' organizational impacts
  • Ensure user adherence to project and chosen solution
  • Share the stakes and associated goals and determine project success indicators
  • Prepare benignant communication as early as possible
  • Increase teams' productivity using the most appropriate solutions
  • Ensure the integration of the CRM application into the
  • Information System
  • Be watchful of performances
  • Ensure solution's durability
  • Keep a high level of availability
  • Facilitate technical administration and utilization