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Digital marketing

We work together with our clients to define the global communication strategy for all communication channels, including corporate web site, other web sites such as loyalty or e-commerce web sites, mobile applications and social media, but also news letters sent to clients and marketing campaigns aimed at clients or prospects.

The whole communication strategy has to be coherent and homogeneous across all communication channels used by the company.


Our offer covers the whole range of actions, ranging from the highest level (strategy definition) to the hosting and maintenance of the solution:

  • Strategic approach: definition of the communication strategy. Benchmarking websites, mobile applications, presence on social networks helps in the definition of communication strategy and positioning your company against competitors and focusing on differentiators.


  • Functional approach: applying the strategic vision to each communication channel while taking into account each channel specificities, including:
    • Information architecture definition
    • Navigation scenario definition
    • Context of use definition
    • Zoning
    • Social media presence
  • Attractive design: our studio will build visual experiences that are suited to your marketing and sales strategy. The way in which you will interact with your targets to catch their attention, incite interest, create desire and generate actions is one of the key success factors. 
  • Technical implementation of the solution. We implement Web Content Management systems, portals, mobile applications, 
  • Hosting: as part of our offer, we can host platforms in our datacenter. 
  • Maintenance: corrective and evolutive maintenance are also part of our offer. We have built a strong partnership and relationship with our clients over the years and support their applications while in production.