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Multiple website platform management (web site factory)

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Marketing and Communication departments have a strong need to manage centrally, easily and efficiently content and then have this content quickly published on multiple web sites, in multiple languages and multiple formats.

Web site factory platform gives Marketing or Communication people the control on all content published on all web sites, ensures that the published content meet quality requirements and that the layout and design of each website is coherent with the corporate layout.

On the other hand, web site factory enables to have content written by those who have the knowledge of that content in the different departments such as HR for job opportunities.

Setting up a web site factory platform also enables Marketing or Communication departments to quickly build and launch micro web sites dedicated to a specific subject, product or event, without having the need for IT to implement anything.


Our extensive experience in the Web Content Management field enables us to offer you all services you need to set up a new web content management platform and manage all your websites from that single platform.

Setting up a Web Content Management means defining workflows for editing and publishing content, defining content life cycle, defining access rights for all categories of users, …