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Our e-business team helps our clients address the main challenges they face today .


Marketers or communication people should be able to easily manage content centrally and have it published on multiple websites, in multiple formats, in multiple languages. Usage of micro sites, dedicated to a subject, a product, an event or a campaign is a strong need.


Web sites should be accessible via PCs but also by all types of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, … )


Web experience offered to web visitors should be highly customised depending on the visitor’s profile, depending on the segments he belongs to, depending on the behavior he has on the web site. Implicit and explicit segmentation should be used to provide the best user experience possible.


The organization should be present on social media, with a clear communication strategy adapted to these media and a set of tools and processes to enable control of information and quick reactions.


Web content management system, corporate web site, loyalty web site, e-commerce website, mobile applications and CRM application system should all be fully integrated to get a full 360° view on the client, to fully answer clients expectations and to recognize and communicate with the client in a coherent and homogeneous way.