Described as the fuel of the 21st century, Data is the raw material for applications with high added value and is giving rise to a new economy. Effective treatment of this raw material creates significant value and a competitive advantage to companies and organizations.

The good news is that this raw material is neither scarce nor exhaustible. Digital transformation, new applications and new digital media such as mobile devices, beacons, IoT enabled devices are creating huge volumes at every moment.

Because of the availability and accessibility of this data, new usage of it is invented every day. Organizations see Data as an asset and an element of structural valuation. They become data-driven and improve the customer experience, aim for operational excellence or create new services with Data. Everybody talks about the “Big Data” revolution, but these two words actually hide many technologies, practices, skills and use cases.

Business & Decision, Data experts since 1992

As a historical player in the valuation of data, Business & Decision intervenes on all the links in the value chain of projects. From the upstream studies phases (ideation, strategy, thought leadership ...) to the realisation of projects (design, architecture, development, implementation...) and their exploitation (T&M, operations), our consultants guide and help our clients at any stage of data driven project.

The experience of our consultants is fed by thousands of projects in all vertical sectors (Banking, Insurance, Retail, Automotive, etc.) and in all functional areas (Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, Logistics, etc.). A DataLab Innovation team is dedicated to the identification and realization of innovative topics.

Data Heroes

Starting with the first decision support systems and BI applications, Data has now penetrated throughout the entire organisation. Today many technologies and competences are needed to create value out of available data, Within Business & Decision we take care of following domains:

  • Information Management Consulting

Information Management Consulting is in charge of helping our customers to modernize their Information Management landscape. As such, they are producing information management roadmap & assessment, driving the customers to a higher level of maturity. The Consulting Domain is encompassing Information Management functional experts from various sectors (utilities, media, insurance, retail,…), Information Management architects, as well as Information Management project managers. In addition, project management methodologies and techniques dedicated to Information Management are defined & aligned within the Practice. Finally, the Practice is imagining and defining the next best solution in term of Information Management (Data Lake architecture, Innovative Data Modelling techniques…).

  • Information Management Solutions

The teams from Information Management Solutions are focusing on delivering state of the art information management solutions, with the main analytics/data management software vendors like IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, Qlik, SAS, SAP, Oracle, Tableau and Talend. Our consultants are organized in Center of Excellence per technology, delivering continuously best practices, frameworks & various accelerators.

Within the Information Management Solutions domain, Business & Decision is promoting Data Visualisation (“DataViz”) solutions, characterized by speed of deployment, simplicity (business users are able to produce Dashboard without IT support) and quality of the information delivered to the end-users. The DataViz solutions are based on recent technologies ("in-memory" engine). The strengths of the tools rely on the short learning curve for the business users, quickly able to produce their own dashboard through intuitive and advanced visualizations objects.

  • Big Data and Data Science to turn data into intelligent assets

Business & Decision is an early adopter of Big Data & Data Science technologies. Started with datamining and statistical modelling more than 10 years ago in Risk (credit risk modeling) & Marketing (cross-selling pattern, segmentation, churn analysis,…), our organization has naturally embraced these emerging technologies and standards several years ago, becoming the leader in Big Data and Data Science driven by few dozens of dedicated experts.

Our offers cover the Big Data Roadmap study driven by use cases identification as well as the Data Lab quick-wins delivery in an agile & dynamic fashion. We are able to analyze complex business scenarios regardless of the data shapes and sizes - structured & unstructured, real-time & historical and publicly available data. All this by working with latest technologies and using our best minds to develop state-of-the-art data pipelines, advanced data visualizations and machine learning algorithms.

As a result, our recommendations & findings are turned to robust industrialized solutions: Data Lake deployment, machine learning algorithms industrialization, Data Visualisation automation, Artificial Intelligence solution creation, real-time data operations... you name it!

  • Data Governance

    As business are growing through expansion or companies buyout, the amount and the versatility of data to gather and manage become more and more complicated every day. Business required a combination of quality data to take key decisions. To answer this matter, Business & Decision has created a strong expertise & various accelerators in the Data Governance landscape, based on a range of tools and process to plan, supervise and control over data management and its use.

    Business Data Stewardship & Governance : Roles and responsabilities, Standards, Principles, Working model
    Data Quality : Business rules, Process, Controls, Dimensions
    Data Integration : Customer Master Data, Management, Product Master, Reference lists
    Enterprise language : Business semantics, Technical semantics, Data domains, Data models, Enterprise Data Model
    Cultural & Organizational change leadership
    Security and Privacy : GDPR Regulations
  • Risk & Finance

    This domains aims at accompanying banks and insurance companies in Risk Management and Risk-Finance integration through risk data science, solutions delivery and change management expertise. Risk and Finance consultants are on hand to : identify, evaluate and forecast risks - Analyse, design and implement solutions such as for reporting - support and conduct change management projects - Facilitate step-in and delivery of regulatory challenges such as IFRS, Basel, BCBS...

From Big Data to Big Busine$$