Our vision

Data Management functions with the Data Governance will be guaranteed that all the changes and initiatives taken by companies in their digital transformation programs will persist and generate value. Formalizing and guiding behavior over the definition, production, and usage of data to manage risk and improve quality and usability of selected data.

  • Every data need is handled by a transparent information process.
    Business Requirement Management Process / System Information that enables all business needs around them.
  • Everyone contributes to a common language.
    Business Glossary with Business Metadata (list, meaning, rules, possible values and map the different contexts), Subjects Area Model, ... information (analyzes, reports, quality, ...) to be captured, clarified, categorized, with the clear commitment to treat.
  • Everyone contributes to ensuring information quality
    Information and data owners, stewards, subject matter experts...supported by Data Quality Indictors, Quality dashboard, Quality issue handling processes…
  • Everyone uses an information lab to support the innovation process.
    Data Lab, combining existing and new data and experiment with information looking for untapped possibilities and original ideas.
  • Everyone contributes having an integrated information and analysis platform.
    Data related systems (data integration, storage, preparation, visualization, analysis… and so much more) with data catalogue, technical metadata and traceability between business terms and data.