Our approach


Focus on a pragmatic Non-invasive and iterative approach for Data Gov.

  • Success story: Data Quality - A non-invasive Project approach @ Delhaize Starting from UAT and evaluating to a Data Quality Dashboard
  • Demonstrated added value
  • Trigger interest / awareness for other Data Management Functions
  • Requires to define and assign data stewardship and ownership

Associate a non-invasive approach with ANY Data or Digital Offers

  • define accelerators / start kit / awareness kit...
  • Setup a knwoledge and coaching team
  • Many delivery models depending of the opportunity / size / focus...
    - DGO proposes approach and resource to deliver
    - DGO proposes approach and “local” resource will deliver
    - DGO make framework and accelerators available to “local” resources

Improve our Accelerators for GDPR compliance

  • DPI
  • Tools for personal data sniffering
  • Develop Data Gov (stewardship...)

Data driven company Change Map

  • Leverage on our CDO relationship
  • From a Data Gov. / Data management roadmap to a data driven company change map