Service Center

Service Center

We let our Clients focus on their Business and support their applications.

After a project is delivered at our clients, as part of the digital transformation strategy, a new chapter starts. Our clients need to be reassured that their business critical tools and applications are maintained and kept up to date. We make sure that the customized solutions are maintained and are kept operational. When things go wrong or need to be adapted we mitigate and are there to respond directly.

We partner up with our clients to implement a strategy in a digital environment.

The current pace of change implies that once a project is delivered, the solution is almost directly outdated. Maintaining integrated, cross-channel marketing & CRM solutions, keeping them relevant and competitive is important in this digital age. Our consultants work side by side with our clients to ensure that their KPI’s are met, applying an iterative process of improvements. This results in a fast reaction on critical changes in the business ecosystem of our clients. Where some clients are outsourcing their operations completely towards us, others count on us during specific busy periods.
We enable them to apply a strategy in a digital environment.

We source out of a vast pool of domains to form multidisciplinary teams.

Our clients encounter the pitfalls of today’s ever changing digital environment daily. Attracting and keeping the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge in house and up to date is challenging, almost impossible. We ensure that our clients can fall back and use the right skill set at the appropriate time. Letting our clients focus on what they know best – their business – by levering the full resource scope of Business & Decision, in a JIT way.