Digital Expertise

Digital Expertise

In our post-digital world, the power balance has shifted from organizations to individuals. This statement is true whether the individual is a customer, employee or citizen. In the past, individuals had little choice but to follow rules, processes and customer paths imposed by organizations structured in silos. Today, people have the tools and power to decide how they want to interact with companies and organizations, to tailor their experience and craft their own journey. With digital technology, customers can freely and easily express their opinions and force brands to adapt their offer in line with the ever-changing user/consumer journey.

We have entered the age of personalization, dialogue and client intimacy. To do this, companies must constantly refine their customer knowledge-base, and come up with more practical, relevant, engaging and attractive products and services.


Business & Decision’s digital development and operations (DevOps) experts are master builders of software features which are the key to making your business run more efficiently. Their innovation brings the functional development and IT worlds together to build reliable, good-quality software on your managed platforms. Our multi-talented DevOps professionals help you to push the boundaries of your digital environment and master every detail so you can maximize efficiency in every aspect of your organization.

Web & Mobile

Business & Decision’s Web & Mobile team take inspiration from Marketoonist’s Tom Fishburne who once said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” We take your concept, reformulate it and launch on the web without you knowing that you have a great product! Whether it is a website, video or mobile app, we offer you a complete digital package of personalized and interactive elements which engage and delight your customers, generating new leads for your products and services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Managing and nurturing customers and prospects is the backbone of any business. Their success is your success so you need to manage the relationship that you have with them effectively and efficiently. Over the years, Business & Decision has helped to transform the way organizations approach data and customer relations management (CRM), exploring comprehensive Cloud-based technologies and services to optimize customer experience. We guide our clients through the CRM lifecycle – analyzing the best options, then deploying, implementing and optimizing them – to stay connected to customers, suppliers and third-parties while streamlining processes for increased profitability and efficiency.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive digital landscape has never been more challenging. Business & Decision helps clients keep on top of the latest and best customer engagement (CE) solutions. As the separation between physical and digital becomes more and more redundant in modern marketing, B&D’s CE experts can equip you with the right tools and techniques to ‘own’ the physical space and create fluid customer interaction.